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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

World Series......

World Series game 1, 2013 Red Sox vs. Cardinals

World Series bound.....
Talk about not letting a chance to make memories for grandsons and grandma, go by. My Mom is a huge Red Sox fan and has been for years. Attending tonight’s game is a once in a lifetime opportunity!  It is all my Dad’s idea, not being up for the trip himself he enlisted two of his grandsons to escort their grandma to the game. He hired a limo to drive them up and back, they packed roast beef sandwiches, warm jackets, cameras and fake beards to cheer on the boys!


I was asked if I was bummed that I wasn’t going to the game, nope was my answer! I’m thrilled that my dad saw an opportunity to see that his wife got to the game and will make memories that will stay with Mom, Bryce and Sam for the rest of their lives! Go Sox , Go grandpa # So alive!!!!

 Sandi MacLeod

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