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Friday, October 18, 2013

"Virginia is for repairs"

Well, we made it through the gales of last weekend, while at anchor, not at a dock.  Next we found our way to the first repair dock to fix a our magnetic compass as well as our 2 electronic compasses. They were definitely not right, one would show a heading of 290, the other two would show 301 and 309 respectfully. You simply cannot have that . If you're off by more one degree, that is a big deal and very dangerous, so they're all fixed.
That takes us to where we are now, Bluewater Yachts in Hampton, VA. for depth finder repairs, one went bad. Your thinking what's up with this Bob? You bought a lousy boat! Nope, not at all, think of it as a punch list on a new house, lots of little things to get done, it is par for the course and in fact the boat is running very strong. So far we have traveled about 659 nautical miles and burned but 1100 gallons of fuel.
They will work on the boat all weekend and hopefully we get underway Tuesday late morning.
That's it from the bridge, I'll leave you with this......
Sunset......Hampton, VA.

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