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Thursday, May 29, 2014

The end of our trip..... Home Sweet Home



 I have no idea why but after our last boating adventure 2 years ago the most popular post by far was the closing stats. So without further ado, stats and facts on our mission dubbed: OPTIMISM CAN TAKE YOU ANYWHERE!

8 Months away from the dock in Wickford Sept 29, 2013 to May 22,  2014

5175 mile cruise.
6000' - A nautical mile (nm) is 6000' or 1 1/8 statute miles.)  

233 - Number of days we were away on this Odyssey

84 - Days it took to get from RI to Fla heading south in the fall.

11 - Number of days it took for the same trip north this May.

1320 - Distance in miles marking the furthest point we traveled from our homeport in Wickford. Or a few hundred nm south of Nassau. 

44nm- Furthest distance from land, 1/2 the distance between Eleuthera - Abacos. 

13 - Number of times we were well beyond sight of land 

397 - Number of hours underway 

185mi - Longest run offshore in 1 day - Delaware Bay/Cape May to Norwalk, CT. 

88nm - Single jump in nautical miles  between islands.  It's a tie. Bimini to - Palm Beach and The Abacos to Eleuthera and nobody else was out there.

Lots - Number of sharks, sea turtles, dolphins, eagles, etc..seen almost daily. Plus one small whale, though it may have been a really  big shark

Zero!  Number of times we ran aground. Yeah!  We travelled in a LOT of water <10', often under <6' & probably cut a lot of starfish in half, but we didn't ground! 

6207 - Gallons of diesel burned incl 415g for the generator 

.88 - Average mile per gallon for the entire trip.

1410 - number of gallons of fresh water made from saltwater.

1 - Number of trips to the ER.  It should have been 3.

1 - That was the rank of this trip on my bucket list of things to do.

8 -That's how many quilts made on-board for charity by Becky. All works of art!

4 -The Admiral wanted me tell you that's the number of times I bought her breakfast!  But ask her how many lunch and dinners I bought.  

4 - Number of times boarded by authorities for a "Safety Check".
4 - Number of "satisfactory" we got for those boardings. That's a great grade.

2 - The number of times we crossed the Bermuda Triangle. 

$285 - Cost for 1 - 50' boat slip for 1 night at Atlantis on Paradise Island

69 - Number of different  marinas we stayed in overnight.

27 - Nights spent  in a some usually secluded cove on our own anchor. 

2 -  Days/Nights with gale force winds while at anchor.

5280 - Number of feet for the Rapid River Water Ride at Atlantis on Paradise Island, our favorite stop.

14 - Number of TV, radio or print media interviews that were produced outlining our mission. Here's one:

Priceless - The value of this trip on my psyche and the effect it had on fighting Parkinson's and staying optimistic

2 -Number of water spouts we witnessed. Very cool to watch them form, touch down, go back up, touch down, up, down ...and I didn't know the winds in a spout run counter to the rotation of the storm  around it. Very very cool.  

One inch. Literally an inch.  That's the distance some drunken nit-wit missed us by while he texted on the phone.

$300. Cost for a daily vessel-specific weather forecast that followed us the 6 weeks in the Bahamas. Here's a tornado warning to all boaters in the our area

$200 the cost, round trip, to hire a local fisherman who knows the  route through The Devils Backbone, a very, very dangerous approach to Eleuthera Is.

ZERO!  That's how many breakdowns or major boat issues we had the entire trip.  This fact to me is remarkable.   We put more miles and hours on the boat in 8 months than most boaters do in 8 years, sometimes in nasty weather, without getting stuck anywhere.  THANK YOU SABRE YACHTS!

Immeasurable - The Admiral's patience and sense of humor in all this.

One.  I stopped counting at one the number of people I hoped would "get it".  I hoped to motivate others with a chronic illness to "embrace your own passion" living life to it's fullest. I'll let you determine if I got it done.

Value of it all:  PRICELESS!  Good memories

In closing, MANY people asked me why, 9 years into this insidious disease, I take on such a folly? 

RISK more than others think safe.
CARE more than others think wise.
DREAM more than others think practical.
EXPECT more from yourself than others think possible
                                                                             Cadet Maxim

Final comment.  THANK YOU for following our adventure but most of all,      THANK YOU for the support. That too is priceless.  

If you would like to here the sea stories behind all this....

     Fair winds to all.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Home Sweet Home!

More details to follow...  but the Optimism Tour is coming to an end, as I'm back safe and sound in Rhode Island.

Thank you for all your support!!!

Monday, May 19, 2014


Eagles - In a New York Minute

It's been eight days since I boarded Family Ties, five days with my lovely wife and his lovely wife Becky and the Captain (Bob). We are now, just the two of us, Bob and Roy, trying to get Family Ties home without killing each other.

If I am at the helm ( driving ) and it is constantly "one degree to the left, no I said right!!!"

If Bob is at the helm it's - Roy get me this or, have you see my glasses. The classic "is I can't find my phone, have you seen it?" He forgets, at my age I can't remember what I had for breakfast.

All kidding aside, it is my good fortune to have met Bob and been able to maybe help him in his endeavors however and whenever I can. Just never tell him I said that.

Roy G.
May 15, 2014
Jamestown, RI

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Coming to a close!

Our mission will soon end,  but more on that later.....

Our theme for the last 5 years was "OPTIMISM CAN TAKE YOU ANYWHERE!"  My way of demonstrating the power of positive outlook in fighting any chronic illness, in my case it's Parkinsons. I never thought that mission would take me this far.  As you read I have begun the trek from the Exumas, an island chain made up of hundreds of tiny islands which begin south of Nausau and stretch150 miles. You don't realize how far South you have traveled until you have to turn around. How far are we from home right now? If we were able to drive back to RI in a straight line it would be 1362 miles.  But we can't drive in a straight line as we have to somewhat follow the coast, so it will be about a 2000 mile ride home - give or take. Now that will call for a party!!!  

This cruise was the number one thing on my bucket Liston and it is now checked off in spite of PD.  What's next, I don't know.  But I constantly remind myself:

Be Well,

There were actual swimming wild pigs!

Picture perfect!

Clearest water I've ever seen!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day lunch at Jestine's today:

 Fried chicken, fried oysters, collard greens, black eyed peas, and the other vegetable---macaroni & cheese.  Fabulous!  (Bob, don't forget to give Becky the card!)

Just finishing up 5 days with the Preston's bringing the boat from Amelia Island Florida to Charleston SC.  Stopped in Savanna (spent $65.52 at the candy store), moved up to Beaufort SC where we had ice cream for dinner, then up to our current destination in Charleston (see above reference to Jestine's).

Great company.  Great conversations.  Lots of laughs.  And needless to say, we're all carrying a few more pounds!

LisaG.  RI.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

American Parkinson's Disease Association - RI Chapter - Cocktails for a Cause


The Rhode Island Chapter American Parkinson’s Disease Association is pleased to announce the return of Bob & Becky Preston from their “Optimism Can Take You Anywhere Tour”.  As you all know Bob embarked on an epic journey with Becky, who he fondly refers to as the Admiral.  Driven by optimism, this journey’s aim was to raise awareness about Parkinson’s as well as show how a positive outlook can help each and every one of us  deal with life’s challenges, be it health related or otherwise.  The success of their efforts can be seen in the many articles that appeared in premier boating and yachting magazines and other publications around the country, not to mention the success of Bob’s own fundraising efforts during the tour.

To honor Bob and Becky’s return, a cocktail reception is scheduled for June 5th at 5:30PM at The 1149 Restaurant on Division Street in Warwick.  This will be a wonderful opportunity to for you to learn more about their adventures. It is also an opportunity for you to make a donation in Bob and Becky’s name in support of the efforts of the Rhode Island Chapter American Parkinson’s Disease Association  to  “Ease the Burden and  Find a Cure” .

The invitation is attached and we hope to see you there! If for some reason you are unable to attend and feel you would like to make a contribution, please send a check to RI APDA P.O. Box 41659, Providence, RI 02940. In the memo section please indicate it is for the Optimism Tour.  Bob, Becky, and all of us at the Rhode Island Chapter American Parkinson’s Disease Association appreciate your generous support.