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Monday, October 14, 2013

Ships Log - Kind of like "Stardate Log"!!

Stardate Log number 29827 - 

> Seas are anything but calm.  Yesterday was a steady mid 20's with gusts to 35 which is gale force, rode it out for 3 days at anchor but needed to get to a marina for water as i cant use watermaker in muddy areas, and the Chesapeake is certainly muddy.  We had out about 120' of chain and the bottom is so soft as it came out of the water the chain looked like a 2" thick rope, that is how thick the mud is. THANK GOD I went for the high volume sea water wash down pump on the bow, that much mud would have stopped the windlass cold. So we got underway stayed in the lee of the land, had the wind behind us, and just surfed the boat for 30 miles.  As I type this I am about 1/2 way down the Chesapeake and now on the Eastern shore in St Michaels wind blowing about 15 and rain.  Ditto for tomorrow.

> The electronics are a big problem so I have a meeting with the top tech in the area for Monday a m.  While I know how to navigate well, and I have learned the new electronics better than most, I have no faith or confidence in them.  To wit:  Left display is showing a heading of 351deg magnetic; right display is showing 006 deg; the compass, which had been swung and was dead-balls-on 5 weeks ago, is now showing 359.  I guess what I gotta do is add them up and divide by 3???  Needless to say, I can't go far, travel at night, forget about fog, and crossing the Gulf Stream is a no-go until I am confident in the equipment.


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  1. Thanks for the update. Good to know about the muddy on the chain - who would have thought. Forget heading ~350 or ~360. Tell the electronics guys you want to go south not north. Hopefully, you get your bearings back soon.