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Saturday, May 25, 2013

I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.

I did not come up with the title, it is from a poem, but it fits.  In other words, I won't let the tail (Parkinson's) wag this dog!

The Countdown Begins!  In just 4 weeks we depart on our next voyage and this cruise will be a biggie, it starts the end of June and ends 1 year later.   I suspect it will be in the 9000-10,000 nautical mi. range or about 11,000 statute miles compared to our cruise of about 4000nm.  I can't wait!  I rated the the last cruise an "11 out of 10" in terms of enjoyment, and that is in SPITE of PD!!! 

This event has but one objective, spreading awareness of Parkinson's Disease.  This note has but one objective, to THANK YOU thank for your support fr research and patient services; your spiritual support, and most importantly your unfailing encouragement of me and this mission.    Without your support I would have already lost this battle.  While this is the toughest challenge I have ever faced I promise you that I will never, never, never quit!   I WILL BEAT PARKINSON'S!

 Bob Preston

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