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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


           May, 2013
It's spring and baseball season, so it's BATTER UP!!!
While on vacation for the last 2 weeks. and shortly after sending a good friend the 'bazillionth' email of week outlining yet another strategy for our mission OPTIMISM CAN TAKE YOU ANYWHERE!,  she emailed back asking "do you ever relax?" Affirmative, Sandra, this IS me relaxed!  
When you are staring down the barrel of a gun can you relax, or do you look for every opportunity to survive?  That is how I see Parkinson's Disease or PD,  except I don't want to simply survive, but fire back!  In baseball terms, when it comes to fighting Parkinson's, I 'swing for the fence' playing my heart out for the win.

It 's also why we ALL work so hard on this campaign.  Success in any endeavor does not just happen, It is a combination of hard effort, recognizing opportunity and seizing upon it.  While luck always plays a part, experience has taught me the harder we work the luckier we can get.  Of course please recognize when it comes to beating Parkinson's Disease I see it as Ultimate Fighting, NO rules!!! I will exploit every opportunity, connive, pitch fastballs at Parkinson's head in order to cheat this SOB Parkinson out of a win.  It's simple, whatever it takes to get the "W", or win, for me and for the 1,600,000 Americans also fighting this devil.  Yet, I am just one of many thousands working very hard at creating our own little bit of luck which will lead to that one magic opportunity to FIND A CURE.  
Closing with the baseball metaphors, I absolutely guarantee you I will never, never give up on my zeal for living life to the fullest.  Only God knows how this game will end, but by God, if I go down, it will be by swinging, not looking! 
          Carpe Diem! (seize the day!)

          Bob Preston
Ps:  You want to help find a cure?   Betcha' didn't know one of  the biggest hurdles researchers have is getting parients to take part in the testing.  Ask your neurologist how you can take part in drug studies and clinical research.   And who benefits most?  US!  

Batter up!!' 

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