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Tuesday, June 4, 2013



Twice today people that know me well asked when I was going to stop working and & "act retired". Though I no longer work in the insurance industry I do volunteer for the AMERICAN PARKINSON's DISEASE ASSOCIATION doing various things.  But what I put by far the most effort into is Funding a Cure and patient support.  Why such efforts? 
 Is it simply, for example,  to keep this OPTIMISMTOUR.BLOGSPOT.COM  going by typing this note, one finger, one letter at a time at 10.00pm, while absolutely dog-tired to help us develop a following for our mission to spread awareness? Nope!  How about this same effort creates public awareness, which leads to both public funding and $$$ for research and a cure?   Nope!  
Why not retire, coast, take it easy? Not a chance!  Why????
Because during lunch this same day I saw a very good friend and fellow Parki struggling with symptoms.  I can't see  that friend struggling and then look myself in the mirror and say 'Now's the time to quit my efforts!!'' 

If you can help at any level, go to RIAPDA.ORG and follow the "OPTIMISM CAN TAKE YOU ANYWHERE!" links.  Every dollar you donate will be DOUBLED by a matching grant.  Your $5 becomes $10.  $20 donation becomes $40, and every cent goes to Patient Support Services.  See, it's simple.

Most of all and to each of you, simply:  BE WELL!!!
Bob Preston

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