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Sunday, June 23, 2013

A three hour tour…….

Wickford Harbor storm clouds 

No matter the weather, Bob Preston is happiest when hanging out on his boat.  I tagged along for my first adventure on Family Ties 2!

Bob invited some work colleagues for a tour of Newport harbor, but as we were departing the dark clouds started moving in. We also realized we the same ratio of men and woman as “Gilligan’s Island”, some laughter soon followed as we decided who would be the skipper, MaryAnn and Ginger…… Not to worry, Bob reassured us that the trip would be uneventful !


Everyone took turns sitting next to Bob in the captains chair to get the lowdown on how he was steering the boat. Bob said "he was hardly
doing anything but following his instruments", which by the way looked like an very complicated arrangement of pretty screens!

 Family Ties coasted through Narragansett Bay effortlessly as we enjoyed some pizza and cold beer. Even with the rain you could still sense Bob’s passion for sharing his boat and love for the water. Not a bad way to spend an evening, thanks for getting us back to Wickford safely  J

Sandi MacLeod

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