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Thursday, July 25, 2013

On our way back......

We reached lake Champlain and are now on our way back to Rhode Island. We are still on Family Ties 2 and the past few days have continued to be as challenging as the whole month of July was. Below was a close call with a bridge and waterfall......

This is as close as you can get and still fit. Keep in mind we have radar, antennas and a Satellite dome on the roof. Made it by inches !

Above is the waterfall we just traversed, not much scares me, but this freaked me out.  Each lock had one of varying size
We will be saying goodbye to Family Ties 2 and picking up Family Ties 3 in a few days. Arriving in Rhode Island on Tuesday, with the new boat. The next few months will be spent getting acquainted with our new boat before starting the next part of our journey. Stay tuned for updates on the Optimism Tour!

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