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Monday, March 24, 2014

Observations on living with Parkinson's and other maladies

(Guest Article)

Stories of living with Parkinson’s

Hi, my name is David Slone and welcome to my blog, Observations on living with Parkinson’s. I am a Vietnam vet with Parkinson’s Disease “PD” (and a few other maladies you will learn about). I am  an author of two books that involve characters afflicted with Parkinson’s Disease or “PD”. I suppose I should have  used the word ”graced” with, rather  than “afflicted” by, PD.  To be honest, most days PD seems like the disease of :subtraction”. That is, our abilities seem to be slowly but surely subtracted from what makes us who we are: can’t drive, can’t dress, can’t golf, can’t drive. Well, you  get the idea. My friend Bob Preston (his blog), and Michael J. Fox would cuss me out for that. but I’ve got to keep it real.
I write two or three blogs a week, so you will get plenty of “juice”. Basically, I write about what I am feeling on a given day. Most of the time it is Parkinson’s. But I might reflect on prostate cancer, blindness, PTSDVietnam or growing up in a family of fifteen kids, or what I remember from Alaska, where I was born  or none of the above. What you can be sure of is that my posts w ill always be honest and expressed with a sense of humor.
So read on,  and if you like what you read, share the site or the post with friends or click the “like” button.’  You will notice I am shamelessly promoting books. That’s because 50% of the net proceeds are donated to the Rhode Island chapter of the American Parkinson’s Disease Association.

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