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Monday, February 3, 2014

And now for something completely different.

This FAMILY TIES update is a little different than normal but the video at the end is worth the short read.  

Greetings from a cold and rainy Sarasota.  Lousy day out today but it is suppose to be beautiful starting Saturday.  We will spend 2 more weeks here and then head towards the Keys followed by the Bahamas on or about March 15.  Things are going very well.  My doc tweaked my meds and that made all the difference in the world.  In fact today I went for a 3 mile walk at a fast clip with zero problems.  That hasn't happened in a long time.  Feeling gooooooood!

Becky and I were just interviewed by Soundings Magazine for a feature article outlining our adventures.  Soundings is one of the largest publications in world dedicated to educating and entertaining the boater and I will share the article once it is published. This all part of my mission to spread awareness of Parkinson's Disease.  With awareness comes public funding and a cure.  

The boat is running great and turning heads.  There is a small (20) boat show on the same dock I am on. People think I am part of the show and are put-off when I won't let them board.  But a group of them announced FAMILY TIES as Best in Show.  

Now the fun part.

I've been boating a very long time and I have seen people do really dumb things on the water. Like the time  guy drove his 65' yacht up ONTO a dock followed by crashing into 2 other similar size yachts, all while trying to impress his much younger girlfriend. 

Or during the Jazz Fest one year, windy as hell, the harbor is jammed with boats and some idiot decides to sail thru the overcrowded anchorage.  He did fine until his boat got caught on someone's anchor line, boat flipped and he broke his back.  Or the time...... never mind....  

That brings me to the 2.5 seconds video below.  I am of the belief that you can help people in many ways.  You can provide aid, support, guidance, etc..  But there is one thing you can't get done, YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID.  
These nit-wits decided to try fishing with a hand grenade.  But it never occurred to these geniuses that you're suppose to THROW said grenade AWAY from the boat?  


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