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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Got Milk?

Wanna know what's the most dangerous portion of our trip?
Would it be crossing the Bermuda Triangle? Nope;
Ferocious storms, hurricanes or striking something in the water? Not even close, last guess.....Pirates and other nit-wits? Nah, Mr's Smith and Wesson are aboard.

The answer, hopping on your bike and going out for milk! Yup, the grocery store is usually couple of miles down the road, no bike lane, unfamiliar roads, cars wizzing by 2-3' away. Plus they sense I'm a Yankee, and the locals think Savannah is still burning. Think of it as driving down Rt 2, near the malls, it's dusk and you have a Red Sox Stink sticker on you bike. Get the idea?

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