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Monday, April 29, 2013

Moving outside your comfort zone!

Moving outside your comfort zone!

WHEN OTHERS 'ZIG' I 'ZAG' and other navigational conundrums (this is why I am the Captain, not navigator). My wife, "The Admiral'' often says "we don' travel well with others". We love to explore on our own, looking for adventure off the beaten path & always anticipating the surprise.

I recently sent a note, to a friend who has a lightly used, very big and hugely expensive touring motorcycle.  He rarely uses it saying he's too busy, it's too late in the season, need to work on logistics, nobody to go with, and I-gotta-get-to-it-some-day. That gets me thinking. JUST DO IT, YOU'RE GOING TO BE DEAD A LONG TIME!!! I gently prod him to get on the bike, forgetting about coordinating schedules and agendas with others.

What we experience when we just wing it, always surprises me. You have no preconceived notions, no guide to tell you in advance of the breathtaking view around the corner, its working without a script.. I will tell you the best memories we have from our trips, by far, are all the chance encounters as a result of the above. Consider trying something new, different, pushing at the edges of your own personal envelope, YOU MAY SURPRISE YOURSELF. Walk the walk!
Family Ties, in the fog, off the Coast of Maine

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